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Right now millions of believers are leaving the organized church, without abandoning their faith. Join Richard Jacobson, author of Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity, and his good friend, Gunnar Falk, as they discuss real life experiences in genuine spiritual community, outside the box.
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Apr 10, 2017

035 A talk with Milt Rodriguez

Richard and Gunnar talk with long-time church planter Milt Rodriguez about what makes some organic church communities more fruitful than others.

If you’re interested in the conference mentioned in this episode, you can find out more here:

Also, if you’d like to get Milt’s free ebook about planting organic churches, click here:

And be sure to check out Milt’s blog!

  • two and a half years ago
    Fergus Carey
    Enjoyed hearing Milt and his very challenging message!

    I had the privilege of meeting him and Mary in 2014 in California when my wife and I were on a sabbatical in Redding CA. It was a wonderful time of exchanging hearts. We live in Dublin Ireland
  • two and a half years ago
    Jimmy Slack
    Yes, yes, and yes again, in 92, left everything we knew as security, IC, all of it, to pursue the kingdom and church life, still walking it out one day at a time....
  • two and a half years ago
    Henry Hon
    That was a great interview. I want to share my experiences to both provide support and an alternative. A number of years ago, about 12 of us mostly in our 20s and early 30s picked up our bags and moved to a suburb in the SF bay area to plant an “organic church.” There was no leadership figure among us. It was truly an organic relationship of enjoying and growing together in the Lord Jesus. Our community grew to about 70 adults over a period of about 7 years. It was an amazing time and if anyone has an opportunity, it is worth moving for. But it was also difficult to maintain at the initial energy and commitment level as the community got bigger.
    Eventually, the spiritual condition started to drop and people started moving away.

    In the last few years, our organic fellowship changed direction: instead of gathering people into a defined community, we started to reach out to believers anywhere within driving distance that are open to have fellowship. Over time, that reaching out became an organic network of fellowship, a network of communities with no unifying ministry, doctrine or practices other than Jesus Christ. To us that fellowship in Jesus Christ is the reality of the ekklesia. At the same time, more and more homes are hosting the ekklesia (assembly) according to 1Cor 14. These homes are the expression of the fellowship that is regularly and constantly taking place between believers.

    Now, instead of having the feeling that we need to work at keeping a community together, we are seeing a quick expansion of fellowship which includes regularly witnessing salvation to the unsaved, the enlivening of dormant Christians, and more and more believers finding and growing in their function.

    Anyone out in unchurch land experiencing what we are entering into in our region?
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